The Photographer

What? What is on my mind?

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The photographer and his relation with the photo in few words

Matthieu Pichon, Photographer / Videographer a little bit crazy, serious just enough and creative as it should be. He is not so bad at his job and everyone likes him (I love to write compliments to myself, it’s too good!)

Otherwise, he is always very invested in his missions as a photographer and videographer, and whether it is weddings, or any other service, he will do it with pleasure and all the attention necessary to make your memories great!

Relaxed (but.. not too much)
We will enjoy work with me --> For sure up to ....................
Don't take himself seriously

Matthieu Pichon

Photographer and Founder

Fallen in the photo when he was very small, it was not magic potion, but he still took a nice belly and still did not understand why.
In the meantime, that doesn't prevent him from doing his job and enjoying himself in this activity. He likes to take pictures, and you will like his pictures!


Why I became a photographer

As long as I can remember I have always photographed everything I did or saw. I often have a camera with me in all my activities and of course I also use my smartphone when I have nothing else! I transform everything into an opportunity to photograph.

We could have said that it was my destiny …. and honestly… no, I could have done something else, I had absolutely never dreamed to become a photographer. Besides, I have a fairly significant purchasing / finance consultant liability … Nothing to do! And I like both! Pushed by my loved ones who found my photos remarkable while I didn’t, I took the plunge about 5 years ago in order to professionalize myself in this activity.

First Favorite Topics

A little off topic, but apart from walking around with my camera, my first real favorite subject was animal photography.


To be able to walk in places that I enjoy with my camera and to see around a pond, a lake or in a clearing a piece of wild life in a natural setting is a privilege that I love to freeze with a beautiful picture.


Well … it’s a frustrating subject, because the animals never listen to me when I ask them to pose and they ran away all the time. There is something I must not have understood.

The beginning of a story with you

Finally where I started to like taking still more pictures it was with you! When I started to do weddings or sessions with mothers to be, I saw an emotion in the photos that I didn’t have before. And from year to year, the emotion intensifies itself and my gaze naturally turns to these situations where we are exposed by the events that give us an emotion. Transcribing it all through a nice picture is exactly what I’m looking for!

And Otherwise ?

I told my my life, it may not be very exciting, but it’s a required step in any presentation! And then …. If you have come this far in reading my presentation, I congratulate you! 😀

In the various sections about myself, I like traveling, and I like to make video, at least as much as the photo. I regularly diversify my activities as a photographer with a few film maker services which allow me to complete my portfolio of audiovisual activities.

Thanks for reading me !