The Photographer

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Events covered as professional photographer since i started my business

Best quality

I love what i do. So i use high technologic material which can go over my expectations. The result will also go over your expectations. I love to use it and this is why i want to increase all the time my work to deliver the best pictures you will never see.

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In the era of time

An approach to current & modern photography. A touch of trein creativity without denying the fundamentals or going overboard. The happy medium between trend photography and classic one.

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Relationalship above all

I strive to be and do what you expect from me! Photography must be a pleasure shared between you and me! And it will be! It is important for me that you feel good with, and i will manage all i can do for that.

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I must admit, this is one of my favorite performance, in most cases, I am with the bride and groom all day long. I share the emotion of this day and I become an important actor.

Pregnant women

Another one of my favorites sessions. Future moms are always very photogenic. The rendering of these sessions has always been one of my favorites since the start of my activity.


The photo shoots for newborns are intense, and staging the little ones during their first days of life is a privilege


The essential photo sessions to keep memories of an important moment or period in a life. Family sessions remain timeless.


Portrait photo shoot sessions are always important, for a professional or personal need, it is possible to enhance yourself with a photo shoot where you will be at the center of all attentions

With Beloved

Like portrait photo shoot, we keep the same principle but at two! We enjoy ourselves by highlighting ourselves with our lover. The photos are often soft and it can even make a great gift 😉


Baptisms are also a must in photo-reports, just like weddings and birth sessions. A memory in an important stage in the life of our children.

Real Estate and Culinary

Because the art of photography is not just about us, humans, I can also do photo shoots on products or furniture. Quotation on request.

Gift Cards

Because all the photoshoots of your photographer can be offered, I offer gift cards! Customizable, I provide them ready to be offered. Valid between 6 months to 1 year depending on the type of session.

The most beautiful moments of your life deserve the best possible attention, your photographer is present for these precious moments!

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Your Photographer !

As every story started, I will briefly introduce myself.

Once upon a time…. no.. sorry.. joking.. 😀

I’m Matthieu, I’m 33, 34, 35, 36 (WOW ! Time flies too fast, I’m getting old) and I’ve been taking photos for … well … for as long as I can actually remember it. I think I always had a camera in my hands … well … I’m not very old either, huh ….


I love taking pictures of everything! Really everything! … Well not everything …. But almost everything! I go on vacation with my equipment, I go for a walk with my equipment, in fact you understood it, I love it and I like to share it with everyone!


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