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Mom to be ?

The outdoor photo shoot

This outdoor photo shoot is like a walk for you. We take our time, and we highlight you in a natural context.

The studio-style photo shoot

This pregnancy photo session, indoors this time, is punctuated by examples and advice that I give in order to give you the right attitude and have wonderful memories.

The lifestyle photo shoot

This photo session for future mom, indoors once again, is the most natural of all. You are in your usual context, surrounded by things that resemble you and that you know. It is intimate and sweet at the same time.

Ready to pop ?

I suggest pregnancy sessions to immortalize the arrival of your little one. Often it is a unique moment and you want to keep a wonderful memory of this period with your spouse with great photos.

As explained on the home page, this is one of my favorite sessions. The sweetness, the emotion of these moments is perfectly visible in your photos. These are magnificent moments.

You will find below the tariff bases for all the photo sessions for the future mother, as well as the prices on the associated sessions: births and newborns or baptisms. These are basic rates, they can vary according to your requests and needs.

On request, I can send you a personalized quote adapted to your organization and your request. So Don ‘t hesitate to contact me !

Everything that touches the lives of our children is important, we support them throughout our lives, and see them grow. What will you have in a few years? Thousands of memories!

You should keep some of the most precious memories, the photos before birth, and the photos of the little one once it has arrived. I offer my services for the realization of nice photo sessions and at your own pace which will allow you to keep these wonderful memories.


The average duration of a photo shoot


This is the average of pictures that you will have at the end of the session once the color grading has been carried out

What do I offer for these future mom photoshoots?

First, I am often asked when it is ideal for taking pregnancy pictures. Generally, between 7 and 8 months of pregnancy is often good. Then it also depends on you and how you feel about doing this session. It’s better when your belly is highlighted, but I already did sessions quite early (during the 6th month), and it’s just as cute!

It is up to you to see how you feel and what you want to do, yes, you must not upset a pregnant woman! : D

Then to do this session there are several possibilities (3 to be exact): outdoors when the weather permits. We find a place that suits you and I will accompany you for this outdoor session. Personally I love it! This kind of lifestyle session is very natural and is one of my favorites.

Second possibility: studio-like shooting. the photos are taken on a background, I guide you and offer you different things and examples to “strike a pose”. It is a safe bet and it is always successful!

Third possibility: Lifestyle at home. The idea is simply to highlight yourself in your usual context, your living room, the bedroom of the future little one, etc … And make pretty natural shots that look like you! It is very appreciated, and the photos are generally the ones that most resemble your daily life.

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And after the photo shoot?

It is very simple ! About a week after the photo session, I will deliver the photos in digital version on a dedicated and secure private platform. Only you will have access thanks to a code and a password which I will communicate to you by Email. You can recover them on any medium (Smartphones, computers, tablet, …) and don’t worry, they will stay online long enough for you to have time to recover them. In addition I keep a digital archive. So in the event of an accident, I will send them to you again on request;).

Prices and services included

  • Mom to be160Round Belly
    • 2 hours Photo Shoot
    • Lifestyle or studio-like or Outside
    • Selection and color grading of all pictures delivered
    • 30 to 40 pictures delivered
    • Private area place for your pictures

Most Wanted
  • All in One340All Options
    • Mom to be 2 hours Photo Shoot & Newborn 3 hours Photo Shoot
    • Lifestyle or studio-like or Outside
    • Selection and color grading of all pictures delivered
    • 30 to 40 pictures delivered for each photo shoot
    • Private online area for your pictures

  • Newborn210Newbie
    • Up to 4 hours Photo Shoot
    • Studio-like Photo Shoot
    • Selection and color grading of all pictures delivered
    • 30 to 40 pictures delivered
    • Private online area for your pictures

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