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You want a video of your wedding

Far beyond the essential part of photography, there are more and more of you who want a videographer for your wedding.

Professional videographer equipment has become more and more widespread, and now makes it possible to offer a solution for making professional quality videos without having to mobilize a complete film crew!

For me the video and the photo are complementary. The photo is easier to view, to share, to set as wallpaper. Video is less common, but can be just as splendid. And it allows you to feel the thrills of an emotional sequence again.

For a wedding, it is possible to make a feature film, but also a teaser. This teaser, or ‘trailer’ of your wedding is intended to be intense and impactful! Both are important, but of course the teaser is easier to watch, because in a few minutes you have most of your wedding day for example.

The videographer and the photographer work together. Inevitably the points of view they seek are often the same, and that is why their work is complementary. To have the 2 supports is a real interest. You have the images that you will watch everywhere, and the video that you come out regularly to share these moments with your loved ones, the videos are also more alive and will make you feel the emotions these same moments.

What can I offer about videography services?

I have always made videos. But, I must admit, more on a personal basis. I film my holidays, my cultural outings, my son, family events … I always make videos of them in the form of teaser more or less long. This is the format I prefer. I can watch these videos from 5 to 20 min in a loop easily. Their intensities allow me to easily plunge back into these magical moments.

And that’s what I want to share with you. Give you a support that gives you chills. You are in the middle of the action, and you have goosebumps to see you again in these incredible moments of your life.

Often we want to share it with the whole world, so proud to see ourselves in a film of which you are the star. I want you to feel the same emotion as me when you see your wedding video, and at the same time feel nostalgic for this moment, but so satisfied with your success. It is an incomparable memory. And from my point of view, almost as essential as the photos.

Because it must be admitted, video brings a dynamic to the image, and often, sounds that are not transcribed on a still image.

Weddings teaser

It’s a trailer format. It is rhythmic, it lasts between 5 and 15 min, and it is possible to find the essential there. It is the format of choice for most of you. And the one I like the most for this kind of video. It is possible to review this video at any time, it is neither too long nor too short.

Of course it is about making an effective video montage and selecting the most important and intense moments. And therein lies the interest of a videographer. Film and know how to make a video montage that tells your day like the trailers of your favorite movies.

Video rushes! But what is a rush?

The rushes are simply the raw videos taken throughout the day of your wedding. Often you have to film a lot, and a lot of passages are important, so why not keep everything?

Often you are worried that the teaser or the movie is not enough, and you prefer to have all the content of the day. Videos are not reprocessed, and there are no adjustments whatsoever. It is therefore more the subject of memory than a professional montage. But you will not miss a crumb of this day!

The short movie

On a wedding day, there are often hours and hours of videos and shots. Doing a teaser allows you to have most of the day. But why not ask for a format such as a short film.

This format of around 25 to 40 minutes represents a short film of your day just for you. The rhythm is softer, like the images. You can then take the time to savor these moments of your day. And why not imagine winning an Oscar? Because yes, you, the bride and groom, are the main actors in this film. Without you it would have no flavor!

Beyond the wedding video

As a photographer and videographer, my work doesn’t stop just at weddings. Any type of event can be covered by a videographer and a photographer. So I can respond to many other projects depending on what you want to do.

In any case, I invite you to contact me to discuss your projects, and to see how I can support you and the advice that I could bring you for the realization of your film. Whether it is promotional videos, or institutional films, or even video clips, I am ready to discuss with you all the projects.



Also equipped with a quadcopter, I am able to offer you magnificent aerial views (subject to restrictions depending on the shooting locations). This is an opportunity to take the height on the sequences of your life, and add a little something “Wahouuuuu” to your video. You can see an example, with the short movie below : “Like a bird”.

Music video of Julien Paterna – Ludivine

Recently, and to illustrate my diversity as a videographer and photographer, I had the opportunity to make the musical clip of Julien Paterna, a french singer, on his single “Ludivine”. A beautiful project for me and a chance to be able to present it to you. I am glad to have been able to make it, and thanks to Julien, his clip is a success that I am proud to present it.

Julien Paterna - Ludivine
2020 - Tonnerre Records

Prices and services included

  • Menu "Teasing"799From
    • Fromm City Hall wedding to reception (~5h)
    • Wedding movie Film : ~15 min Teaser
    • Editing and color grading
    • Selection and delivery of the most important rushes
    • Digital Delivery + USB key

  • Menu "Short Movie"1600From
    • From bride preparations to wedding cake (~12h)
    • Wedding movie Film : ~15 min Teaser + 30 to 40 min movie
    • Editing and color grading
    • Selection and delivery of the rushes
    • Digital Delivery + USB key in premium wedding box

The most Wanted
  • Menu "Teasing +"1400From
    • From bride preparations to wedding cake (~12h)
    • Wedding movie Film : ~20 min Teaser
    • Editing and color grading
    • Selection and delivery of the rushes
    • Digital Delivery + USB key in premium wedding box

  • All in One2600From
    • Photography + Videography of your wedding
    • Wedding movie  : Menu “Teasing +”
    • Wedding photographye : Menu “OH OUIIIII”
    • Digital Delivery + USB key in premium wedding box
    • Premium box include 30 paper printed premium pictures

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