The Photographer

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Matthieu Pichon - Photographe en Seine et Marne (77) - Mariage
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Your Wedding !

The services offered by your Wedding photographer


For the photos of your wedding to be successful, there are many criteria to take into account. The services offered by your photographer and included in the formulas are just as important as the photographer himself. I am not neglecting anything. So it’s not just photos, it’s a set of services that complement your day and your wedding memories.

The Photographer

As explained in my presentation, I also make my personality a selling point to accompany you during this day. Character and friendliness is also a determining factor so that you are sure to have a good day on your wedding day with a pleasant person!


This is the average of photos I will take during a full day


This is the average of photos I deliver after a full day wedding after selection

A Critical day

I realize that this day is important to you. So I’m going to invest a lot in this day. Most often when I accompany you on a full day, I am the person with whom you will spend the most time!

Your most important day

It’s YOUR day! And this wedding day is intense for you. I will therefore follow you carefully, make you proposals before the day but also during that day. If I can be a facilitator during this day, then I would be!


I am probably repeating myself, but I will probably be the person with whom you will spend a lot of time during this marriage. As a photographer, I have to bring you the memories of this day. And I’m going to make sure that your photos are as intense as your day.

  • Mariage10
  • Mariage9
  • Mariage8
  • Mariage7
  • Mariage6
  • Mariage4
  • Mariage5
  • Mariage1
  • Mariage3
  • Mariage2

The question you ask yourself: How is it going?

It’s going very well thank you! Hihi! : D: P

Basically, when you are looking for a wedding photographer, here are the questions you should ask yourself:

Is the photographer available on my wedding day?
Do the services offered correspond to what I expect from him?

Generally, when I make the first contact (by Email or phone), I could already answer his questions. Then the second step for me is to explain to you, always during this first interview, how I usually work, that is to say what services I offer and my procedure, and if necessary, I will send you a quote . You can then already judge if I could correspond to what you expect from your photographer for your wedding. If so far I have not been too bad, we can arrange a physical meeting, generally I come to your home to meet you and present a little more detail my work method, examples of results photo reports, and some physical media as illustrations. At the end of this appointment, you will have time to think about my proposal and if you agree we will sign a service contract (very important for a service of this type, as for many other providers of the wedding day ).

And during the wedding?

It has a lot of possible variables, depending on your organization and your choices in terms of ceremonies and time allocated for each moment of your day, but my way of working will often remain the same.

When I take photos of a wedding, I do what I call “Photo-reporting”. My goal during these moments, and to be discreet, and to take all the important moments without intervening and asking the guests to “pose”.

Of course there will be group photos, or I will guide each group and person, or photos of couples, or I will guide you so that you are comfortable with the photos (yes few people feel at comfortable for these photos, but believe me it will probably be the most important of your wedding) but generally I am discreet to take photos at the moment. I find the result much more natural and beautiful than trying to capture the attention of everyone I take a picture of.

At the end of the day, if you and your guests have found me pleasant and discreet (not in the middle of the stage each time), then I consider that I will have already achieved 50% of my mission! Yes … there are still photos to deliver.


In percentage, the number of satisfied married!

Prices and services included

  • Menu 'Oui'900The Essential
    • City Hall wedding
    • Church Wedding / Wedding Ceremony
    • Couple Photos
    • Groups Photos
    • Reception
    • Up to 20:00 maximum
    • Premium Wedding book included
    • Private online area for your pictures

The most wanted
  • Menu 'Ouiiiiii'1150The best
    • Bride preparation
    • City Hall wedding
    • Church Wedding / Wedding Ceremony
    • Couple Photos
    • Groups Photos
    • Reception
    • Up to 20:00 maximum
    • Premium luxury Wedding book included
    • Private online area for your pictures
    • Premium USb box with 30 paper print premium pictures

  • Menu 'Oh Ouiiiiii'1400All Inclusive
    • Bride preparation
    • City Hall Wedding
    • Church Wedding / Wedding Ceremony
    • Couple Photos
    • Groups Photos
    • Reception
    • Wedding meal / Ball opening
    • Up to 01:00 maximum
    • Premium luxury Wedding book included
    • Private online area for your pictures
    • Premium USb box with 50 paper print premium pictures

Oh yyeess i want it !
  • Engagement session160160
    • 2 hours Photo Shoot
    • Where you want
    • Romantic or Quirky

  • Photobooth195Fun
    • Studio-like photo shoot when you want
    • Alone or with all your friends
    • Live preview on screen
    • Succeful animation
    • Accessories and good mindset

  • Trash The Dress160Yeeaaahhhh
    • Séance de 2h
    • Lieu de votre choix
    • Forcément décalé

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